inhouse clinics specialises in cognitive and ageing services.

Located within a centre of research excellence at the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre, we are dedicated to helping you feel clear about your cognitive health and what you can do to support it. inhouse clinics offers specialist care for adults of all ages with concerns about a decline in their memory or thinking and geriatrician assessments for over 65s.

What we do

Cognitive health check

If you have noticed any changes or concerns in your thinking or memory, at any age, taking a proactive approach and seeking a cognitive health check can determine if there is anything serious going on. We can then outline steps you can take to improve the health of your brain and lower your risk of developing dementia.

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Dementia diagnosis and management

Where a diagnosis of dementia seems likely we can clarify this and develop a multifaceted management plan with ongoing support for you and your family. Staying in touch with a clinic such as ours keeps you connected to developments in the enormous global effort to find effective treatment and management strategies for dementia.

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Comprehensive geriatric assessment

For those over 65, this is an opportunity for a longer session to look at your general health, medications, mobility and cognition in order to assist you in achieving your goals for health and independence as you age. These can be conducted in the home (distance permitting) or in our Camperdown clinic.

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How would you like to book an appointment?

In a private clinic

All of our services are available at inhouse clinics in Camperdown. Before making a booking, a referral from your doctor is required so we can allocate the right amount of time for your visit and advise on expected fees.

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Through our research program

Eligible and interested patients can access our services through University of Sydney’s Healthy Brain Ageing Clinic. Participants of the research program are provided bulk billed care, free of charge. A referral from your doctor is required.

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At home

Distance permitting, comprehensive geriatric assessments and associated follow-up visits can be conducted in your home for an additional cost. This is available for those aged 65 and over or 55 and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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